Zakaria Assad and his son Ali are electricity workers in the Local Council of Free Aleppo City.
Zakaria has been working with the council since it was founded in the early days of 2013 and his son joined him a few weeks later. They were known of their activity and their quick response to the complaints, as well as for risking their lives by going to dangerous spots that are under observation by Assad’s regime forces snipers.

In fact, all of their colleagues also worked in dangerous areas , but these two were always “shotguns”, taking the hardest jobs, they always went to higly dangerous spots and risked facing snipers while fixing the high-frequency cables in an attempt to bring electricity to the citizens.

Zakaria and both of his brothers (who also work with the Council) have proved their strength and consistency by staying in their city during its most difficult days, even during the siege. They also stood with the Council by working for almost six months without any payments when the Council was facing financial troubles.

The electricity workers face many problems in general, due to the lack of potential and equipment you always see them climbing the electricity towers with simple tools and the tools they use to fix the problems with the cables are even more basic, as it is difficult for the Council to provide these tools because of the war taking place in the country.

Zakaria and his son Ali are a perfect symbol of the free Syrian workers and, as they say, they won’t get out of their country and they will be building new free Syria.

Aleppo, 17.08.2016
by Salih Abo Qusay​