Syria and Aleppo in particular is one of the greatest if not the greatest huminitary disaster on the planet. United Nations are working on a solution to allow supplies for devastated population of the city.

But wait! Today, the same people who need help most, they protested against UN help. How come?!

Aleppo and Syria requires immediate aid and support, but Syrians want the UN to stop those who drop bombs days and nights. Those who’ve been killing civilians for years and decades.
Humanitarian support is not a truck full of medicine. Humanitarian support is to stop the reasons why medicines are needed so badly.

There are two main routes comming into eastern part of the city – the part that was besieged and requires immediate action. The north route is controlled by regime forces and their allies. The south route has been liberated durning the recent campaign.
UN wants to use the north route instead of forcing the sides of conflict to make the liberated south route secure.

UN as a neutral organization means support for the regime who is responsible for over 90% of civilians killed in this conflict. So in this case being neutral does not support humans but just the opposite.

Syria people want al-Assad gone. And they will refuse humanitarian aid if it supports Assad’s plans to exterminate them.