She fights alongside the men of the resistance but also takes care of the children. “I do it all” she says “I treat my wounded comrades as well”

I asked her what she was doing before she chose to fight she paused for a moment, hence whilst caressing with her finger the tips of her tea cup she smiled a knowledgable smile and said “I was a housewife, then became a widow to a stubborn husband who died in battle, I was terrified this would happen, whenever he went to fight I would beg him to stay and be with us but he would shake me and say “the family my wife, we must protect the family from this curse” I see what I could not see before now, now I know what he meant, he died to keep all the families alive”

She went quiet again, looked down on her cup then back up and said “My husband is a Martyr, I’m very proud of him”

By Rami Jarrah