Ayman and all his brothers joined the revolution in its early days. They worked towards freedom. The brothers split into different fields and Ayman decided to join the medics during the peaceful protests. He was arrested twice during the protests against the government. Ayman joined a field hospital as a non-specialist surgeon in Aleppo city, a city that’s known for unrest and which showcased the brutality of the Syrian regime. Ayman, together with his colleagues, used to deal with more than 1500 cases weekly, that varied between normal to critical wounds. He hasn’t finished the medical school in Aleppo University due to security situation, when the security forces started pursuing him and he had to flee. However, Ayman decided to continue his studies in Turkey. He was one of the very few doctors who decided to stay during the siege of the city which already had only a few doctors left
Ayman is married and has a 7 months old boy named, Omaira. Omaira is waiting to join his dad in Aleppo once the massacres stop.

Photo by Mohamad Bader Taleb